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Our class has held reunions for a number of years now, generally they are scheduled at two year intervals.  Not all are shown below because we little or no information on some (the ones not shown).  If you can fill in missing information or have photos that would help document these, please contact our webmeister, Milt Birmingham by clicking on the email link shown at the bottom of this page or call me at 817-294-7327. 

Our most recent get together, 2011, was held back where we all started our commissioned careers, in San Antonio, Texas.  We visited, reminisced, visited Fredericksburg and the Museum of the Pacific War, and attended a basic trainee graduation parade at Lackland, 50 years to the day after our OCS graduation parade .  We assembled at our 62-A monument for a memorial service, and saw several other sights in the area.  On our last evening, we held the official reunion dinner, where we celebrated our golden graduation anniversary and paid honor to our departed brothers.  The dinner was hi-lighted by a special “TWO BELL” ceremony (a U.S. Navy rite, which is widely copied); a solemn expression of our devotion to the memory of our brothers who have gone on.

 Reunions are listed below by date--just click on the year you want to see.
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