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Las Vegas, Nevada



Murray did it again!  We had a great time in Las Vegas for the 2002 reunion.  We stayed at the Gold Coast and they took good care of us.  Activities at Vegas included a tour and briefing from the Air Force's Thunderbirds and a tour of the Special Weapons Center. 

Everyone who went to this one had a special request for anyone from our class who did not make it.  Please try hard to make future events -- you are missed.  Every year there are one, or two, or more of us who have, as Neil Cooley says, gone to "the other side".      

We have quite a few photos of happenings at this year's event.  Bill McNary, sent me a CD with lots of images taken with a digital camera.  Before putting these on the website, I do some editing/reformatting to reduce the file size, but having the originals in their full resolution really helps to get better graphics for posting to our site.  THANKS BILL! 

Ahhh, nothing like a relaxing time on the lake.

Photo Gallery - 2002

Don't let 'em get me, Mom 

Nice legs!


Okay, let's get that hangar floor cleaned up

Some of us even got hitched

Well, Mr. LaHue, Are you bubbling?

Please keep off the grass!
 Special Weapons Center Tour

For more photos from 2002, click here.

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