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Email Message from Murray
(Lots of memories here)

Sept 10, 2016

Back in the olden days, when a problem arose, we used to say "Well, the fit has hit the shan"......... Such is the current situation. A large number of those who previously said they would make a reunion in Reno, have advised that for various reasons (mostly health-related) will not make the trip. Sad to say that this applies to Margherita and I............ Garry has had a similar situation and will not make it. At this point, I am telling everyone that many of us have cancelled our reservations at the El Dorado (and travel plans connected thereto). There will still be a very few who will go to Reno, but you will be "on your own". I sincerely hope that some of you do go and contact any others who are there, but Ghita and I will not be there. Sorry............ Take care and if you do attend, and enjoy because this could well be the last time any of the class can visit with others. With my very sincere best wishes to all. DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY.......... Murray

PS - as I started this message, I had to stop and get out my Shavetail. Several years ago, I started placing a small black dot next to the names of those who have passed away and it is disheartening to note the number of black dots - 48 of our classmates have departed this world - first one in 1970 (Lenny Leesser) and the latest in 2016 (MK Baker, Bryant, Seeger, Stout, Zeitvogel and Col. Settles). The faces of those departed "brothers" are full of hope and anticipation...... Oh my, but we were a gallant group - all in our twenties - with our lives ahead of us. I recall the childish antics of OCS - of Leeser challenging all of the 3rd Sq first class to a shoe-shine contest (which, per the rules of the game, he lost to each and all of them), and our laughter at the end of the day when we realized that not one of those valiant members of the "upper class" saw that Lenny had his shoes on the wrong feet. Or the problems encountered by the "terrible twosome" (Del'Etoile and Dickens) trying to get away from the first class in the dining hall (remember "Little Red Riding Hood"?) Or the theft of the propeller blade from the First Sq area? Or Jerry Meek making his Minute Call in the first class quarters wearing his full dress Marine's uniform? Or the antics of our own "Super Jew" (Marc Kipness) Will miss seeing you in Reno......... With affection for all.......... Murray